Our first Bed!


A little while ago we were very lucky to be visited by Rosemary Morrow. Rowe is one of the leaders of the permaculture movement around the world. She generously managed to fit her visit in whilst she was preparing to leave for a lengthy stint teaching permaculture in Afghanistan.

Rowe had many suggestions in regards to the design of the garden, and I will discuss these things in a later Blog. However her advice in terms of what we should do in the short term was typically practical. “Grow food”.

Taking Rowe’s advice, the team got cracking on our first raised bed. There will be a bit of experimentation with our beds in terms of heights and sizes, but the first was designed as a ‘standing bed’. That is you can stand in an upright position and work in the garden.

We used the corrugated iron that was laying around after we pulled apart the old beds that were hidden under all the blackberry and we took a trip down to a demolition yard where we picked up some nice chunky seasoned hardwood for the frame.

After much sanding, planing, cutting, drilling, screwing and oiling, our first bed was completed. With help from Jack, Chris, Rod and Sean we had our prototype bed completed. Thanks to Jack who helped me fill the bed with a couple of cubic metres of soil the other day. We deserved that iced coffee mate!


Ready to plant it out next week!

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